A new studio located in Duluth, 20 minutes north from Atlanta Downtown, offers a flexible layout suited for a range of creative uses including video/photo shoots, digital branding for companies, marketing channels through graphic and exhibit design, executive meetings, table reads, and more.

The studio is designed to meet every need in-house to eliminate the stress of searching for a production crew. The studio is an upscale, clean space to accommodate any professional need.

Studio Perks and Amenities

The Perks:

1) Book entire studio.

2) Access to our seasoned In-House Videographer(s), Photographer(s) and Editor(s) in the industry.

3) Access to our exclusive Film Location(s).

4) Secured and safe creative environment.

The Amenities:

1) Unlimited (High Speed) Wifi

2) Conference Room (includes USB Ports, White Board, Printer, and 60 inch flat screen display)

3) Common Work/Lounge Area (includes sofas, 75 inch flat screen display, microwave and mini fridge)

4) CYC Green/White Screen

5) Video Shoot Space

6) Photo Shoot Space

7) Editing Work Space

8) Choreography Rehearsal Space

9) Make Up/Shower Area

10) Walking distance to nearby restaurants, cafes, beauty bars, and more.

Studio Rules

1) Non-Member must only be in the facility during their booked time. Anything else is prohibited, unless approved by TS management. Member must submit their Drivers License and/or Identification for final approval of booking.

2) Non-Member is obligated to keep the facility clean and garbage free. Take out garbage and/or anything hazardous, and cut off all lights and/or TVs, after each visit.

3) Absolutely NO SMOKING and/or NO ALCOHOL in TS facility at all times.

4) Non-Member is only to accommodate up to 10 personnel for each visit and must be screened first. If additional personnel are needed, they must be approved and screened by TS management.

5) Non-Member is obligated to be present with their personnel and/or guest at all times.

6) Anything against the rules and regulations at TS, owner has the right to take legal action.

7) TS and the parking lot is constantly being surveillance 24/7.

Non-Member Agreement

1) Non-Member pay for a hourly rate to book entire studio space.

2) Non-Member is eligible to reserve studio based on availability. Business hours are between Monday – Sunday (8am-10pm), best to book at least 48 hours prior.

3) Non-Member’s booking fee is due right after approval of booking. If not paid, booking will be revoked immediately and will not be placed.

4) Any cancellation of booking please refer to the cancellation policy.

5.) Tyler Studios is not liable for any injury, damage, loss, or theft of any personal property of non-member or affiliates.


Film and TV
Video Shoots
Photo Shoots
Casting Calls
Industry Events
Table Readings
Business Meetings


Duluth Studio

[Unlimited Outfits, up to 20 Re-Touched Digital Images]

[2 Cameras 4K+, includes Director, Director of Photography, Soundmixer, Lighting Technician, and Assistant]


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