Tyler Studios Originals

Our exclusive in-house creations, each uniquely crafted and branded. From talk shows, music showcases to comedies and everything in between, our branded shows span a diverse spectrum of entertainment.

SECOND CHANCE offers an intimate look into our participants’ lives, tracing their journeys from childhood through pivotal life events that led to their incarceration. You’ll witness their transformation behind bars, their resilience upon release, and the enduring challenges they face. Through personal testimonials and stunning original VFX animations, we bring these compelling stories to life, showing you that second chances are real, but they come with real struggles, heartache, and societal stigmas.

TYLER UNCOVERED is a captivating talk show hosted by Ron Tyler Jr. This show is your passport to authentic, unfiltered narratives, designed not just to engage, but to seductively enlighten your every moment. In each episode, you’ll get up-close and personal interviews with celebrities and top influencers from the entertainment industry. They’ll reveal untold stories that have never been shared before, including their regrets, challenges, successes, relationships, and hopes for the future.

CAPITAL QUEENS, is a groundbreaking TV show that tackles the underrepresentation of women entrepreneurs in the business world. This show aims to provide a platform for these entrepreneurs to pitch their innovative business ideas to a panel of highly accomplished women of color investors. By addressing the gap in funding and support, Capital Queens seeks to empower and uplift all women entrepreneurs, creating a ripple effect of economic growth.

GAME ON or GAME OVER follows the lives of aspiring gamers who dream of making it big in the professional gaming world. Battling against skepticism from family and friends, these gaming enthusiasts navigate the challenges of being beginners in the gaming arena. Will they rise to the occasion and prove that their passion is worth pursuing, or will they succumb to the doubts and pressures surrounding them?

TYLER STUDIOS PRESENTS: THE MUSIC BOX is a digital series showcasing exceptional musical talents. A digital series that offers a platform for emerging and established music artists. Each segment features an artist, their journey, and a stunning performance. Dive into the heart and soul of the music, exploring the stories behind the songs. We aim to create an experience that celebrates artists and their music, connecting with audiences on a profound level.

TYLER STUDIOS PRESENTS: THE COMEDY BOX is your ticket to pure adult stand-up comedy. In each episode, we feature stand-up comedians who will have you in stitches with their jokes, stories, and witty observations. Our comedians take the stage to deliver non-stop laughter, sharing humorous tales about everyday life, society’s quirks, and much more. After the laughs, our host sits down with the comedian for a chat about what inspires their comedy, their journey in the industry, and their future plans.

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