Talk to our Chief Creative Officer Ron Tyler Jr about your next project. During this consultation you will be able to discuss your project in detail to get a better understanding of how we can be an assistance. Take the pain out of doing everything yourself, and have us help you think it through.

Consultation Perks

1) Get ahead of schedule.

2) Establish a game plan.

3) Figure out your limits.

Minimum Booking

1 Hr Minimum

Our Agreement

1) Everything is confidential.

2) $59 hourly fee. Consultation business hours are between Monday – Saturday (10am-7pm), best to schedule at least 48 hours prior.

3) If you continue to work with Tyler Studios after your consultation, your fee will be credited to your project.

4) Any cancellation of booking please refer to the cancellation policy.


Budget Preparation

Film Locations





Let’s Meet

(4 customer reviews)

From: $59.00


4 reviews for Let’s Meet

  1. Carlos Gomez

    This was very so needed! Now I have a clearer vision on how to start my project and what it will take to get it off the ground. I will definitely be working with Tyler Studios.

  2. Sean Matthews

    I had a great idea and script for a tv show concept, but had no idea on my next steps. This consultation helped me to organize the moving parts of the show. I really needed this guidance.

  3. Tameka Sandifer, Screenwriter

    Ron helped me get the most out of my project budget by tightening up my timeline and creative flow. This consultation was definitely needed, highly recommended!

  4. Jennifer Calloway

    After meeting Mr. Tyler and discussing my project, I clearly can say he knows what he’s doing and know the business. I can’t wait to see my project come to fruition!

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