Sugarloaf Kitchen

400 sqft 25 Negotiable/hr


Commercial Style Kitchenette in Duluth, GA. This location has easy access to highway 85 and only 25 minutes away from Downtown Atlanta.

This 400 square feet open space includes seating, table tops, and lounge area. The kitchenette provides clients with creative freedom and range to use the space for a variety of different culinary film purposes.

Set Perks and Amenities

The Perks:

– Set custom to Commercial and TV Shows
– Great Space, Lighting, and Seating

The Amenities:

– Stainless Oven and Microwave
– Over-the-Top Kitchen Hood
– TV Set Style Kitchenette
– 15 people Sitting Area
– Stainless Silver Frig
– Kitchen Island
– Gas Stove
– Deep Sink

Set Minimum Booking

4 Hrs Minimum

Book 48 – 72 hours in advance.

Set Rules

Standard Set Rules:

1) Client must only be in the facilities during their booked time. Anything else is prohibited, unless approved by TS management. Client must submit their Drivers License and/or Identification for final approval of booking.

2) Client is obligated to keep the facilities clean, garbage free and keep out anything hazardous.

3) Absolutely NO SMOKING and/or NO ALCOHOL in facilities at all times.

4) Client is obligated to be present with their working personnel and/or guest at all times.

5) Anything against the rules and regulations, owner has the right to take legal action.

Point of Contact

Tyler Studios – Main Office

Liability Insurance

Short-Term Production Insurance is required of all set bookings and is due no later than seven (7) days post initial payment for your booking. A Certificate of Liability is required to list [THE VENUE and ADDRESS] as Certificate Holder and/or Additional Insured. The insurance required hereunder shall have a minimum single limit liability of $1 million, and minimum General Aggregate Liability of $2 Million.

More Information:

Why would a film set need insurance?

The primary purpose of production insurance is to protect the people, property, companies, and equipment in use during a production. It can cover everything from dropped equipment to an injury on set.

Although film production insurance policies vary widely, you’ll always need general liability.

*If Short-Term Insurance is waived, production company will be liable for any injuries, damages, theft or indemnification during use of the film location. Owner of property can take legal action if applicable.

Client Agreement

Tyler Studios is a multi-faceted entity that operates in different capacities. One of which, is serving as a third-party liaison to find set location rentals for its clients. Tyler Studios being a third party is not held liable for any injuries, damages, theft or indemnification during client use.  

Any future negotiations for additional projects must go through Tyler Studios if initially booked through Clients who do not comply, will not be able to use future services indefinitely.




Video Shoots

Photo Shoots



Live Events

Industry Events


Sugarloaf Kitchen


[2 Cameras 4K+, includes Director, Director of Photography, Soundmixer, Lighting Technician, and Assistant]

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