Ron Tyler Jr

Owner, TV/Film Producer


Hi, I’m Ron Tyler Jr., founder of Tyler Studios. Born and raised in East Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management, with a concentration in Finance from The Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus, OH. While in college, I was active in varsity football and the performing arts. Performing has been a natural for me since I was a young age. I had realized then performing arts was my true passion.

Six years after I graduated from OSU and working numerous jobs, I made a major decision. With little money to my name, I decided to move from Columbus, OH to Atlanta, GA to pursue my career in entertainment. Some thought I was crazy (mainly my parents) and some applauded me. Since the move to Atlanta in 2010, I managed to book roles (regular as a stand-in) on major television productions such as Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (I doubt Mr. Perry remember me), VH1’s Single Ladies, BET’s The Game, Being Mary Jane, and the Steve Harvey Show. Even though this all sounds good, I had a lot of lows and a long hard journey in between. In an industry that can be based on who you know, and unfair to minorities, it led to many hurts. I cannot tell you how many times content and scripts were submitted, and roles auditioned for, to only hear the words “it’s a pass”. To pursue this dream, it takes tough skin to receive criticism and rejection. To hear this over and over again left me wondering if I had lost my mind by moving. I debated if I was on the right path. I felt I had let myself and family down, I felt hopeless.

The confession… I questioned God and if it was possible. The confession… I wondered if I was even good enough to last. The confession… I wondered would I have food to eat or enough money to pay my rent. The confession… I wondered if there were any good people in the industry. The ones I met all seemed to have a sales pitch and money motive. I wondered when a breakthrough was going to come, if a breakthrough was going to come. The confession… I had nowhere to stay for six months, rock bottom hit. I’m a confident dude, but this was beyond disappointing, I started to doubt my belief in myself, talent, and gifts. I questioned every audition I submitted. I questioned my own will power to keep loving an industry that seemed to be telling me “Bro, the hell with you”. What do you do when you’re too embarrassed to give up but too tired to keep trying?

I struggled as many actors do in the entertainment industry to find prominent roles. There were times others thought I should just give it up, but I continued to trust God and keep my faith. I would not give up because it meant too much for me to not follow my passion. I believe you chase a dream until you see it become a reality. Through many moments of rejection and disappointments, I had to prevail. My God… my niche came. Instead of focusing on just myself, I decided to focus on producing to help others with their vision. I take a vision in the art form and tell a story by developing documentaries, reality shows, sizzles on athletes, celebrities, and everyday people. Within five years, I went from a struggling actor to a thriving independent producer and director. I’ve had my firsthand struggles and let downs to help me understand what many in the industry face.

This part is key. When you think a “blessing” is coming one way, it may come in a different form. I now target to work hand-in-hand with the underdogs to create doors for them to walk through. You have to understand I know what it feels like to be passionate about a vision, have a crazy mad desire, and want to make it tangible. I’m dedicated to working with established artists as well as content creators who seek guidance and feel like their dreams can’t reach fruition. I invite you not to give up on your dreams.

I dedicate this whole entire journey to my loving parents, Mr. Ronald Sr. and Jacqueline Tyler, my sister Brittany Tyler, and my forever praying grandmother and activist Pecolia (Means) Standberry for being my support system through tough times. If you want to know more about me and my other endeavors visit me at Thank you for reading “My Confession Letter”, and I hope it brings us together!